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Scale big on Walmart while leveraging the proven back-office features of Netsuite.

When Loyal buyers encounter delays due to broken systems, online sellers lose their credibility. Our connector protects your reputation by preserving the integrity of your systems & manages all of your integration complexities bringing you time & cost efficiencies.

About Walmart DSV Integration

Walmart is one of the most popular eCommerce marketplaces. It is a terrific tool for online merchants to tap into a large customer base. Walmart Drop Ship Vendor(DSV) seller keep products in their warehouse and list them on Walmart packing slip. Walmart covers the cost of the UPS package for DSV, so there is no shipping expense for Dropship Vendors.


Walmart & Synqware

  • Sync Sales Orders from  Walmart to NetSuite via Bizperanto.

  • Sync fulfillment from NetSuite to Walmart via Bizperanto.

  • Sync Inventory levels from NetSuite via Bizperanto to Walmart.

  • sync price levels from Bizperanto to Walmart.

  • Sync items from Bizperanto to Walmart.



Functions of Walmart DSV & Synqware

Order Management

Import your Walmart orders & manage them within NetSuite using our near-real-time order sync.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Keep your customers updated in real-time with shipment tracking as seen as orders are fulfilled in Netsuite.

Unified Inventory Levels

Keep your NetSuite item inventory level in sync with Walmart all the time-minimize undersell or oversell.

Advanced Capabilities

Leverage advanced capabilities such as Order & Customer deduplication, Order variance reporting, Order auto-acknowledgment, and full Inventory sync.

Ease of Use & Deployment

Instantly setup & deploy your integration effortlessly in less than a day.

Error Alerts

Receive automatic email notification when integration connections go offline or when data flows are interrupted due to errors.

Powerful error dashboard

Monitor the health of your integration through a comprehensive error dashboard and retry failed data.

Supported Functions

  • Order Download

  • Inventory Sync

  • Shipment Confirmation-Detailed

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Maximize your sales on Walmart through automated Walmart-Synqware Intergartion

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