Connect Square to Anything!! 

Square is a payment processing service &  point of sale (POS). Integrate square & point of accounting software to streamline your order-to-cash processes. This will enable you to automate manual processes to increase efficiency& reduce manual errors.  

Common Integrations with Square

   One of the most common use cases is to automatically create an invoice & journal entries as soon as you receive a payment by integrating Square & ERP & accounting Software eCommerce. 

  • Sync payments, customers & other key data automatically.

  • Automate payment processes between Square & Financial applications Billing.

  • Automate subscription & recurring billing process.

  • Record refunds from Square as a credit memo & cash refunds in the ERP.

Synqware with Square 

  • Accept Payments

       Square payments can be processed across multiple channels, including online, in-app &in-person.

  • Create & track orders

        Create, track & manage orders in your web & mobile applications

  • Manage a product catalog

        Use the catalog API to create & manage catalog objects.

  • Organize Customers

        The customer's API lets you programmatically manage customer profiles in a square account. This includes creating, looking up, updating & removing a customer profile. As such, the API lets applications integrate relevant customer info with other services to provide a seamless transaction experience for sellers & their customers.

  • Adjust Inventory 

  1. Adjust Inventory quantities & review inventory changes for products in a square catalog.  The Square Inventory API replaces the connect V1 Inventory API & introduces new functionality. 

  2. Moving item variation quantities through predefined states.

  3. Viewing the inventory adjustment & history for an item variation.

  4. Batching inventory adjustment & information retrieval.

Integrate Square, boost productivity, and unlock even more value from your business applications !!

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