Connect QuickBooks to Anything!!

QuickBooks is used by a number of small & medium-sized companies to manage accounting, invoices, payments, expenses & inventory.

Some popular QuickBooks integrations include eCommerce, CRM, Marketing & Payment applications. Synqware offers Integration templates to jump-start your integrations. These templates include Salesforce, NetSuite & more.

QuickBooks also lets your accounting department handle construction accounting on the go & get more done.

With QuickBooks, you can make & record deposits, pay bills & expenses, create monthly statements, prints, or email reports, make tax time a breeze. 

Working of QuickBooks Connector


  • Choose from a library of shared connections or create your own connection through a wizard & get started in minutes.

  • Sync QuickBooks Online data such as accounts, Invoices, Customers to & from your ERP, CRM,  Marketing & eCommerce platform.

  • Graphically map QuickBooks online data to any other format in minutes.

  • Sync Accounts, Invoices with Salesforce or Netsuite.

  • Sync QuickBooks Online data with any 3rd party API's 

  • Sync QuickBooks Online data to on-premise applications or databases via secure agents.

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Common Integrations QuickBooks:-

eCommerce - Sync orders, products,customer & other key data. (eg:- eBay, Magento, Shopify)

CRM - Integrate accounts, products, opportunities, invoices, orders & more (eg:- SalesForce, Zoho)

Payment - Accept payment from leading online payment processors into QuickBooks. (eg Paypal, Stripe)

Synqware's direct integration with QuickBook's simplifies sending your shipped order data to your QuickBooks account!

Synqware sends your shipped orders to QuickBooks with a single click so they will show as either Sales Receipts or Invoices in your QuickBook's Account.

Integrate QuickBooks with any of these 
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