Our Pricing is Simple and Flexible

You can change your plan at any time.


Pricing Plans for Businesses of Every Size!


For connecting Quickbooks to One Shopping Cart or Rep Order Source.


Per month

(Desktop or Cloud)

  1 Machine (if desktop)

  2 GB file storage (if cloud)

  2 GB file storage (if cloud)

  Free updates

  2 Free Lead Management


For Enterprise ERPs and one order source.


Per month

(Desktop or Cloud)


  SAGE 100, 200, 500

  MS Dynamics GP NAV

  TECSYS PointForce


  Connected Business

  Free support for 30 days

  Free updates



For connecting one web site to your warehouse.


Per month

(Call for Pricing above 10K orders per month)

  Unlimited Users

  Connects to all 3PL Systems

  Email priority support

  Free updates





  3D Cart




For connecting your ERP or 3PL to all Drop-ship Marketplaces.

$Call for Quote

Per month

(Desktop or Cloud)






  One King's Lane





  Free Updates

  Advanced option Eight

  Advanced option Nine

  Advanced option Ten


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign a long term contract?

SYNQWARE agreements are month to month. We recognize that endpoints change: you may need to connect to a rep group one month, then you may part ways. That's why we make it easy to snap endpoints in and out.

What is the cost of adding additional shopping carts?

All shopping cart plugins are 50.00 per month. There is no setup charge for snapping in a shopping cart plugin.

How do setup charges work?

Setup for XTROVERT or Bizperanto is 250.00, which includes 30 days of free support. The setup also includes a connection to Quickbooks, Peachtree, XERO, QB Online, Accpac, and any of the "lower tier" packages. Setup for NETSUITE, SAGE100-500, MS DYNAMICS, and other "Enterprise" packages are 1K.

How does Customer Support work?

Support is free for the first thirty days. After that, support tickets are 45.00 per incident. Incidents can be purchased in blocks at reduced price.

How much are Warehouse (3PL) connectors?

Warehouse connectors are 100.00 per month. A warehouse connector includes all relevant functions related to trading data with your warehouse. These include pushing orders to the warehouse, pulling back ship confirmations (to your web site and/or ERP), and pulling back inventory information.

What happens if incoming data does not match my 3PL or ERP data?

XTROVERT and Bizperanto have powerful reconcilation features. With a few clicks, you can create mappings between invalid values (skus, ship methods, customer names, and the like) and system values.

What about commissions?

Both XTROVERT and Bizperanto have powerful commission modules that calculate and deliver commission statements with one click.

What about CRM?

The crux of CRM these days is delivering sales-critical data from your ERP to the field. Bizperanto allows you to do that in many ways. Our REPLENCAST module cycles through your sales data and sends out REPLENOGRAMS to your retailers and reps. A REPLENOGRAM is an email with a suggested order PDF attached, suggesting order quantities based on past item movement.