Perfect Integration Platform for NetSuite and beyond 

NetSuite is the world's leading provider of Cloud-Based Business Management Software. NetSuite helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, eCommerce,  inventory, and more.

Oracle NetSuite helps organizations grow to scale and adapt to change. NetSuite provides a Suite of Cloud-based applications from advanced Financials to Supply Chain Management to billing & more.


Why NetSuite?


NetSuite ERP enables the business to optimize accounting efficiency, streamline order management & procurement processes & eliminate manual spread-sheet based reporting. 


With NetSuite you can:-

  • Scale your Business: gives flexibility & Scalability that your business needs.

  • Get the complete epitome of your business. NetSuite's built-in intelligence gives you insights into your key performance indicators.

  • Get future-ready: provides you the swiftness you need with software for customization. 

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NetSuite & Synqware


Synqware provides an Integration for NetSuite that meets the Oracle NetSuite Cloud Platform Development  Standards & documented best practices. 


NetSuite to Bizperanto

  • NetSuite syncs sales records to Bizperanto so you can efficiently ship the order. 

  • Use NetSuite sales order record or a NetSuite item fulfillment record to create a new sales order in Bizperanto.

  • Import sales order into Bizperanto  & identify the selling channel (shopping cart, etc) so you can customize your workflows.


Bizperanto to NetSuite

  • Bizperanto syncs fulfillment data to NetSuite so you can keep a track of everything in one place.

  • Import fulfillment data into NetSuite from Bizperanto after sales order are marked as "Shipped" or "Fulfilled" in Bizperanto.

  • Send Actual Shipping cost carrier code, service code & the clickable shipment tracking URL into an item fulfillment record in NetSuite.

  • Support sales order cancellations in both directions & partial fulfillment.

Features & Benefits

  • Exports of Items from NetSuite to Shopify- Items in NetSuite will be exported to Shopify making it easier for the customer to update or create the product catalog on Shopify.

  •  Exports level of inventory to Shopify that are continuously  & consistently updated with the current levels of inventory in NetSuite. This is done to ensure that the placed order can be fulfilled.

  • Items prices in Shopify are consistently & continuously updated with the rates of the items from  NetSuite.

  • Imports all the customer data & orders placed in Shopify into NetSuite. A new customer is automatically created in NetSuite if a matching one is not found.

  • Exports fulfillment to Shopify: The transactions of the fulfilled orders in NetSuite are automatically exported to Shopify so that the customer has full access to check the current status of the order. 

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