Connect Magento To Anything!!

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform featuring order management, business intelligence, and shipping. Popular Magento integrations include file ERP, Finance & other payment applications. Synqware is a specialist in Integrating Magento to Streamline your business processes. 

Synqware reduces your time to market & lower the total cost of ownership of your integrations while significantly increasing the changeability & scalability of your business. 

Deliver Connected Customer Experiences

Connect Magento with legacy, on-premises, and cloud applications to automate your business process &  transform your company into a data-driven business.

Synqware provides a normalized entity of your data so you can seamlessly connect to any tool. As new data entities become available, Synqware can add them for future scaling & connectivity purposes!

Key Benefits  

Fast Integration

  • A native solution creates a symbiosis between your ERP-System & commerce platform.

  • Our solution saves time & increases the efficiency of both sides. 



Put Your Business on Autopilot

  • Connect to core systems & unlock data easily with pre-built connectors & quick data mapping.    Connects to systems faster  & extend access to data with secure APIs, then reuse your APIs for future projects without developing new integrations.  

  • Digitize your business with APIs & scale process across channels to deliver a connected and consistent customer, partner & employee experience.

Future Proof Solution

  • Synqware is purposely built for the cloud. Data is exchanged between applications, databases, files, social Networks. Synqware's headless dashboard is delivered as a web tool. 

Common Integration with Magento

ERP, Finance:

Automatically sync orders, fulfillment, inventory, customer & other key data (eg. NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage) 


Update payment transactions and statuses automatically (eg. Light Speed, PayPal, Stripe)


Keep fulfillment, Shipping & Inventory levels in sync (eg. Amazon, Ship-wire).

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