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Online Wholesale just for YOU !!

What is Faire ?

Faire is an online Wholesale Marketplace based in San Francisco that connects product, companies & stores. 

Why Faire?

Faire's mission is to help independent entrepreneurs chase their dreams, from the artisan candle maker hoping to grow her business to the Enterprising Shopkeeper, stocking his shelves with unique goods for his community.

That's why Faire, an online Wholesale Marketplace empowering small business owners & independent brands to buy & sell wholesale online.

How does it Work ?

In terms of structure it is similar to Etsy Wholesale. Makers apply to have a store on Faire, where their products are uploaded & stores are able to search & shop all of those products.


  • You must first apply & be approved to become a maker on the platform.

  • Once you've been approved you'll need to create your shop page, but Faire does offer to set that up for you if you give them access to your product information & images.

  • It does not cost anything for the maker to join but Faire takes a percentage from orders placed on the site.

  • Generally makers need to message stores through Faire & don't have the access to store information directly.

  • Faire guides makers to confirm to some guidelines, including a very low wholesale minimum 7 a specific wholesale markup.

  • One way a maker can avoid paying commission on orders is to direct stores to their shop page with a personal link. This is called the Faire Direct & is used for current stockist that have not placed an order with the maker through Faire. It's an incentive program to get more stores ordering through the platform.

  • Unlike other wholesale business platform where the system does not work unless you work the system, all the relationships between store & you are owned & mediated by the Faire platform. 

Synqware & Faire

  • Automated transfers of orders from Faire to hundreds of 3PLs, ERPs and WMSs via Bizperanto 

  • Update shipment information (tracking number, carrier, etc) back to Faire.

  • Customer - specific information is recorded in the Bizperanto 'Ship to' field.

  • Creates new customer records in ERP on demand (if one doesn't exist).

  • Sync Products and Inventory in Faire.

  • Custom rules for how various data points are mapped. 

  • Dashboards to view record of transfer statistics as well as sales, number of products order , top selling products etc.

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