Integrate Etsy to anything and unlock more value from your business

Selling products on multiple channels is something that'll enhance your store's  product visibility &  brand reach-ability

The Etsy Connector application enables Synqware users to integrate their online store with Etsy. You can list Etsy products on your online store and attain organised products & inventory management.

Here are some of the amazing features of this connector:-

  • Order Sync: Automated transfers of order from Etsy to hundreds of 3PLs, ERPs, and WMSs via Bizperanto.

  • Product Sync: The products can be created & synced between Etsy and your ERP or any online store like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc effortlessly. It provides a smooth way to map the product attributes.

  • Collection Sync: In a few clicks you can map the Etsy category with the application collection. Thus reducing efforts & enhancing product visibility.

  • Efficient Inventory Management: Product inventory gets synced with the customers' store which makes the management process very easy.

  • Price Rule: You can set price rules within the application.

  • Auto Sync:  You can create newly added products on Etsy automatically. 

Etsy With Synqware 

  • Connect multiple Etsy seller accounts

  • Import products from Etsy to your online store

  • Exports the products from your store to the Etsy store

  • Imports Single product using Etsy Listing ID

ERP & Finance 

       Syncs Etsy orders, fulfillments, customers, inventory & other key data with Financial applications (eg NetSuite, QuickBooks )


        Keep fulfillment, Shipping & inventory levels in Sync with Etsy (eg. Amazon, Ship-wire, etc)


        Automatically keep inventory & order in sync with online storefront ( eg. Shopify, WooCommerce, etc)

Use Bizperanto ETSY connector to instantly connect your Etsy orders/receipts with hundreds of ERPs, 3PLs, and WMSs, including Netsuite, Quickbooks, ManhattanScale, 3PL Central, ShipHero, ShipStation, etc.

We connect with over 350 connectors and can write custom connectors in no time using our Bizperanto platform (offered as a service).

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