Connect Celerant to Anything!!

Celerant -EDI translation for greater accuracy & speed communication (Synqware is a full-service EDI provider)

Through Celerant point of sale & e-Commerce,  Retailers can connect with Synqware's network of over 200 vendors,leverage aggregated product data to offer more Merchandise in store & online, automate inventory replenishment & order fulfillment.

Synqware & Celerant

  • 200+ vendors in the gift & specialty market.

  • Catalog import with Celerants point of sale. No manual entry

  • real-time data feeds for Celerants e-Commerce & in-store Kiosks.

  • Automated ordering based on min/max inventory levels.

  • EDI translation for greater accuracy & speed of communication.

  • Fulfillment management & automated drop shipping.

Celerant Technology with Synqware enables retailers to deliver a great customer experience while optimizing back end operations through a powerful multi-channel retail solution
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