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Just as our people provide the passion that drives Capacity, our order fulfillment technology provides the calculated guidance and reliability that keeps products moving and end customers happy.

Our eCommerce expertise and experience as a trusted EDI partner allow seamless integration of diverse technology platforms. Data flows in from many different sources: it can easily overwhelm less prepared organizations. We make it simple for our clients to keep track and maintain control.


Electronic Data Interchange

EDI is essential in servicing major retailers. Without the ability to conform to their routing requirements, sales are lost, or never happen. We ensure our clients can tell all of their retailers that they can comply with their requirements. With more than 300 EDI trading partners, Capacity provides the platform to scale up when you need to.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Ecommerce order fulfillment is how we got into the fulfillment business, shipping thousands of orders direct to consumers daily. We know how much it costs to acquire each customer and how critical their satisfaction is to your success.

Warehouse Management System

We work with the best of class, tier-one providers of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). These powerful software platforms allow us to track each item of your inventory throughout our facilities via individual barcode labels and barcoded locations.

Online Client Portal

Capacity’s Client Center is a powerful online tool that provides clients with complete visibility of their inventory and orders. Our portal is 100% proprietary and under constant improvement to adapt to your business.



Real-time visibility of warehouse activities, including inbound and outbound goods, inventory levels, order movement, receiving and returns, shipping costs, and more.


Carefully implemented and managed integrations with retailer systems through EDI, websites through FTPS and API, and with ERPs by all of those methods. Our approach ensures greater compliance with retailer requirements and reduces exposure to costly chargebacks. It also improves drop-ship capabilities, ensuring fast and friendly order fulfillment direct to consumers, to stores, or to distribution centers.


Our clients take advantage of our flexibility to adapt to changes in their systems as they expand. They enjoy more responsive fulfillment operations with the support of our in-house IT team of programmers and integration experts.


Custom reporting solutions that allow you to monitor exactly how your supply chain is moving and flag areas for improvement. Custom report templates already built are available to all of our clients, offering real-time information.


Increased customer satisfaction resulting from increased visibility and delivery efficiency. Execution is what drives all of our processes and people: getting our clients' products to their customers on time, all the time.



Order Fulfillment 

eCommerce Fulfillment

We love eCommerce fulfillment: we find it fun and rewarding. Coming into a thousand single line item orders on the Sunday shift and completing them before lunch does provide a buzz not to mention a feeling of accomplishment. The complexities of supporting eCommerce fulfillment for color cosmetics, high-touch gift wrapping requirements, gift notes, and more: we love that stuff.

Retail Fulfilment

Non-EDI retailers can require a significant amount of routing compliance. At Capacity, we provide dedicated client account managers training and documentation to ensure our retail clients meet those standards. With an expert always available in our warehouses and the latest technology to back them up, our retail fulfillment services greatly reduce any exposure to chargebacks.

EDI Fulfillment 

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is very demanding but necessary to ship to most major retailers. It requires a culture of adherence to processes and procedures if a business is to survive and thrive. Capacity’s technical expertise and established ties to retailers’ EDI compliance groups helps further our clients’ business goals and achievement of excellence. We demonstrate that excellence with key retailer relationships that include Sephora, HSN, Nordstrom, and Macy’s, and many others. We offer a streamlined and robust approach to bringing new retail partners online.

Pick And Pack

We manage a broad range of order picking, packing, and product shipment operations. Where pick and pack services are required for sales reps, buyers, marketing partners, or any other stakeholder, Capacity delivers. Anywhere, anytime, we bring the same sense of urgency, passion, and commitment to accurate order fulfillment.

International Fulfillment

We can ship to any destination in the world that the Department of Homeland Security allows. Our Known Shipper status with the TSA and DHS means we can rapidly expedite global fulfillment needs, inbound as well as outbound.

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