Connect Amazon to Anything!!

Whether you use fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to sell "Prime Eligible" products or as a 3PL with Multi-channel fulfillment (MCF) you'll need a seamless automated way to exchange orders & inventory data between FBA & the rest of your system.

With our easy-to-use, quick to deploy integration, feel more at ease using amazon's external fulfillment without sacrificing efficient processes.

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Synqware & Amazon Fulfillment API

Order & Fulfillment

Automatically create new orders in Amazon whenever incoming NetSuite Sales Orders are available. Update NetSuite Shipment records based on shipping information including full & partial fulfillment, from Amazon. Canceled orders from NetSuite to Amazon are also supported.

Setup & Management

Quickly install & configure the Integration App using an intuitive integration wizard & drop-down menus that require no coding. With an advanced configuration setting & an intuitive data mapping tool, easily configure.

End to End Integration

Integrate storefronts, marketplaces, POs, WMS & other systems using Synqware's integration, a powerful & intuitive iPaas Integration platform. Use existing Integration Apps & the Integration platform to make sure your eCommerce business is connected.

Synqware's integration application provides the flexibility & reliability to accommodate your current & future integrations needs between NetSuite, Amazon & other parts of your business.

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