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Amazon requires EDI integration from vendors who directly supply them with products labeled as "Ship from &  Sold by ". Use Synqware's EDI integration template for Amazon and NetSuite to quickly & easily integrate Vendor Central & start raking in the purchase order.

What is EDI?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a form of data exchange between a client and a server. In the case of Amazon Vendor, the EDI messages relating to the processing of purchase orders and invoices. 

How does Amazon Vendor use EDI?

Among Amazon vendors, there is a great deal of variety in whether EDI is implemented and how they go about doing it. Vendors tend to take one of the following routes:

1. NO EDI Connection

       Many Vendors process orders without an EDI Connection, using the amazon vendor portal to accept and fulfill orders. This route tends to be highly manual, often taking 15-20 hours per week for business with large order volumes.

2. EDI Connection for a single message

    Some vendors will implement an EDI connection for just one of the messages available for eg. the Purchase Order (EDI 850) or Invoice (EDI 810) message. They will generate an invoice in their accounting or ERP system and send it via EDI. All other order management activities are handled within the Amazon Vendor Portal. 

3. ​​EDI Connection into an ERP System

    If you're a vendor with a heavyweight ERP such as NetSuite or SAP, You can integrate all your EDI messages into there & process orders within the ERP instead of the vendor portal. 

    EDI providers such as TrueCommerce work with ERP companies to enable this.


4. EDI Connection into an OMS

    Vendors who do not have an ERP, or who manage multiple sales channels, may choose to use an EDI connection into their order management system.   

Benefits of EDI to Amazon Vendor

  • Ease the Burden of manual order processing.

  • Remove the possibility of the late or changed purchase order acknowledgments (POAs). Change backs for POA changes are 1% of the cost.

  • Reduce human error when creating advance shipping Notices (ASNs). Vendors are charged between $5  & $150  fr a late ASN.

  • Create License Plate Receive (LPR) compliant labels & shipments.

  • Automate sending invoices & order acknowledgment messages.

  • Link your Amazon Vendor stock decisions with the rest of your business.  

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